We promise to

Inform and involve your employees in the CSR processes

Boost Corporate Social Responsability

Reduce travel costs

... and not necessarily in this order.

What is Upstain.me?

A sustainable business travel platform which is connected to a Charity platform where users can donate their trip savings to preferred Charity organizations.


Our focus is social impact but in the same time we want to have a sustainable business so that is why we charge for our service.


We promise to reinvest our profit in other social entrepreneur projects to generate even more impact.

How it works?

If you follow the link below you can see a basic three screen mockup taking the user through a booking process. We want to motivate the travelers to take cheaper travel options without making them to feel that they are losing something, by donating the savings it will give a positive feeling and moral boost this being one of the main advantages of this solution.


This is beneficial to the corporate because it reduces the travel costs and offers 30% tax return of the donated amounts.


Check out our interactive prototype.

Interactive prototype

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Our Awesome Team

Who crafts the idea from nothing to something.

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Laszlo Soos


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Hanna Kovacs


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Adam Kiss


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Lorant Bene


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